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Battery Storage & EV Charging

So much of the energy you generate will inevitably be exported to the grid because it is not efficiently controlled. But were you aware that you can save that energy for when you need it most, and our Battery Storage solution can do this for you. Alternatively have you thought about earning revenue on the energy you don't need? As energy prices are on the rise, storage systems like this are the most cost effective way to be self-sufficient.

Power Systems & Battery Storage

Depending on the clients requirements we can supply and install a turn key solution of Switchgear, Inverters, Contols, Transformers and Housing to control the energy storage. We also include or integrate batteries into our solution with with batteries either supplied by ourselves or our partners. 


• LV/HV (upto 33Kva)

• Grid Tie or Island

• 50kw - 50MW​



Energy Storage System maintained in a charged state ready to react to a power outage.


Store power to a time when it is more cost effective to be used.

Emission-free replacement for stand-by generators.

Containerised system enables mobile generator capabilities.

See the Power Control section for further benefits.


Storage is a natural fit with renewable energy

The output and availability of most forms of renewable energy will fluctuate. 


Storage is an ever growing way in which we can access the benefits of renewable energy.

Battery Storage Solutions


With the ever increasing pressure on local and national grid networks, storage is becoming an increasing way so save from massive infrastructure costs. 


This is not just at a national level, large sites and power users can also benefit.

Power Control

Frequency Response


Control allows power to be imported or exported from and to the grid to support the frequency of the grid.

This can be integrated into the system of power users, to allow them to vary their loads.

Load Levelling


Flattens peaks and troughs of load curve, providing a more efficient and self-sufficient facility.

Harmonic Filtering


Reduces harmonic oscillations which can lead to dangerous heating in equipment.

Peak Shaving & Avoidance


Energy Storage System recharges during high periods of lower power consumption or high production, ready to discharge during higher demand or lower production. The control allows for the user to run off storage when the cost of power may be high. 

Electrical Energy Solutions

EV Charging

Our experience ranges much further then the installation of chargers. The understanding of the network is critical and allows us to assist engineering a solution which optimised. 


Particularly where this is part of a larger charging network. Pre-existing energy solutions can also be modified to accommodate charging.

Electric Car Battery Charging
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