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Electrical Maintenance

We offer comprehensive maintenance for clients and installations. Our aim is to design and install systems that are capable of being efficiently maintained for our clients.

Maintenance Services

As well as providing maintenance services for our projects, we also review and maintain existing systems, using low energy strategies and procedures.


We can maintain to our customers existing maintenance regime, however often we can provide low energy strategies and finance solutions to assist with the maintenance costs, running costs and capital budgets.

Our SAP's can access HV areas to carry out works or inspections with the latest Infrared technology.


We can perform six-monthly checks and annual checks, as well as any call out visits, to ensure your site is kept flawlessly running by being managed to the best of our abilities, by our fully trained and experienced staff, who receive regular training to the latest standard.

Our Maintenance Engineers attend site with their iOS/Android smartphone or tablet which has the pre-installed Barratt Maintenance App. The engineers, once on site will access the app which contains the specific Detailed Maintenance Procedure document ready for filling out on their device. The engineers must complete and show photo evidence before each action can be closed.


Once this is done the engineer submits the digital form which then automatically uploads to a portal in the office. The information is automatically collated and filed accordingly within the software. The report is then reviewed and once approved it is dispatched to the appropriate personnel.

The maintenance is carried out with full documentation so you don't have to lift a finger.

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